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Ben White

Teacher and Director of Curriculum,
Highworth Grammar School, Kent

Ben White is a psychology teacher and research lead for Ashford Teaching Alliance. He recently completed a research project for NCTL/DfE on data use and workload which was carried out in 24 schools across the South-East. He is a member of the DfE’s advisory group on data use, technology and workload due to publish soon. He occasionally writes articles and blogs which he shares via his twitter account @WaldenKent. Ben is a member of CEBE’s secretariat (Coalition for Evidence Based Education) with whom he is exploring the evidence base for school leadership training. He co-founded Walden Education - a training and consultancy group.

  • Understanding how ‘statistical literacy’ can be enhanced within the school with the rapid growth of ‘data use’
  • Assessing the limitations of data, the workload implications and the potential misuse of data
  • Ensuring data use and analysis maximises outcomes for pupils and is not generating unnecessary additional workloads
  • Evaluating key challenges faced by schools with statistical literacy and considering how schools can better manage data to impact pupils and staff