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Gwen Sinnott

Performance Information Manager (Research and Evaluation Unit),
Inclusion and Standards Service, Wandsworth Borough Council

Gwen Sinnott has worked with Education Data for more than 20 years, starting at ILEA Research & Statistics and Heading up Data analytical services in Islington and Southwark.  In more recent years she has been working independently directly with schools and LA teams in using data to support school improvement.  Developing and interpreting summative analysis, tracking pupil progress, surveying attitudes and perspectives on learning as well as training LA and school teams and with Governing bodies.  Gwen currently co-manage the Research & Evaluation Unit in Wandsworth Children Services.

Join leading local authority leaders utilising data insights to maximise impact in school improvement, attainment and the quality of teaching

  • Developing a data-driven local authority approach to school improvement to work in partnership with schools to help raise pupil attainment
  • Assessing how local authorities can develop successful partnership strategies with school to school benchmarking and data sharing to develop a system-wide picture of local educational challenges
  • Sharing insights on enhancing data analysis to support effective school place planning within a local authority
  • Analysing effective lessons and experiences from using Analyse School Performance (ASP) at a local authority level to drive data insights across schools