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Simon Rutt, Head of Statistics, National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) (CONFIRMED)

  • Assessing the latest trends in school performance, attainment and social mobility
  • Analysing national data on the attainment gap and the key barriers to progression for disadvantaged pupils
  • Evaluating the capacity and capability of the school system to enhance attainment and learning outcomes through the effective use of data
  • Exploring the relationship between accountability mechanisms and school performance

Jon Andrews, Director, School System and Performance, Education Policy Institute (CONFIRMED)

  • Sharing the latest research from the DfE research team on the next steps in closing the attainment gap and tackling educational disadvantage
  • Exploring how schools can act on national data and research findings to drive improved outcomes

Mihiri Seneviratne, Deprivation Analysis and Research Team Leader, Early Years, Schools and SEND Analysis and Research Division, Department for Education (CONFIRMED)

  • Producing Insights – how we seek to draw meaning from the data mass
  • Improving understanding of how data is used by Ofsted and how this has changed under the new Education Inspection Framework
  • Avoiding the collection and over interpretation of data which introduces unnecessary burden on leaders and teachers
  • Discussing the new School Inspection Handbook guidance and the role of data in supporting the next steps for pupils

Abbie Self, Head of Schools and Regions, Data and Insight, Ofsted (CONFIRMED)

  • This session will cover the real-world issues that MATs commonly face in managing their data, and point to existing good practice from leading MATs across the country.
  • Subjects addressed will include what to put in your MAT assessment policy, how to handle school-central team data interactions, and how to automate your processes so your time is freed up for smarter decision-making and informed action.

Joshua Perry, Founder, Assembly (CONFIRMED)

  • Explore the decision making process behind small scale evaluation projects into innovating new means of raising attainment through evidence-based approaches
  • Understand what purposeful data is and how to ensure validity and reliability when acting on data
  • Assess how evidence and data insights can be translated into actionable and impactful interventions for pupils
  • Examine some of the key findings that have emerged from the Institute for Effective Education’s projects into innovations in the classroom

Jonathan Haslam, Director, Institute for Effective Education (CONFIRMED)

  • Auditing how data is collected and managed within a school and assessing how effective and proportionate those processes are
  • Introducing strategies to enhance data efficiency with clear accountability on data processing activities, staff training and automation
  • Exploring how data quality can be improved with a focus on consistency, standardised processes and streamlined data collection
  • Reviewing who needs to be involved in data collection, the purpose of the data inputs and who the information is benefiting

Lauren Thorpe, Head of Data and Systems, Ark Schools (CONFIRMED)

  • Explore what constitutes valuable data collection, the limitations of data and how data literacy can be improved within schools
  • Examining common mistakes made in data collection and discussing what an effective data strategy looks like
  • Assess how data should be used successfully to predict, track and monitor performance in order to improve pupil attainment
  • Evaluate how reliable assessment data is and how schools can use these insights efficiently
  • Gain practical tips and ideas on how your school can improve its data practices

Ben White, Member, DfE Teacher Workload Advisory Group and Research Lead, Ashford Teaching Alliance (CONFIRMED)

  • How successful is your data collection and management in delivering actionable insights?
  • Does your approach to data deliver maximum value for teachers and pupils?
  • Do you have lessons to share on using data to support school improvement?

In this interactive group discussion, you will assess the questions and issues raised by Ben White to evaluate the use of data within your school context.

In this collaborative discussion you will have the opportunity to raise your challenges, hear from other schools on their approaches and share your ideas in improving data outcomes.

  • Developing a strategy which supports effective data-informed curriculum design and interventions
  • Exploring how school leaders can harness insights from common datasets to drive improvement
  • Assessing the limitations of data and understanding how schools can ensure they are collecting data which supports meaningful analysis

Richard Selfridge, Author, Databusting for Schools (CONFIRMED)

*Programme subject to change

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