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Jude Hillary, Quantitative Research Director, National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) (CONFIRMED)

  • Sharing DfE’s guidance on effectively using the Analyse School Performance (ASP) platform to support self-evaluation within a school
  • Discussing the latest updates and functionalities within Analyse School Performance (ASP)
  • Utilising data insights to formulate, implement and assess a school development plan and analyse the outcomes of strategies to enhance progress and attainment
  • Outlining the development of DfE’s school performance tables and assessing how they can be used to support benchmarking, forecasting and impact measurement within a school
  • Analysing the future trends and opportunities for schools in using data to deliver educational improvement

Iain Bradley, Deputy Director, Data Modernisation Division, Data Group, Department for Education (CONFIRMED)

  • Exploring how Ofsted monitors and tracks school data to perform risk assessments and determine the inspections schedule
  • Analysing the role of Ofsted’s Inspection Data Summary Report (IDSR) and how this informs the inspection process and acts as a guide for core areas of inquiry
  • Demonstrating to Ofsted how a school measures progress and attainment against age-related expectations to successfully improve pupil attainment
  • Evaluating the future of data science and analytics within Ofsted’s monitoring of performance and risk

Jason Bradbury, Deputy Director, Data and Insight, Ofsted (CONFIRMED)

  • Evaluating national data findings in tackling the attainment gap from the EPI report: Closing the Gap? Trends in Educational Attainment and Disadvantage
  • Assessing the core characteristics in pupil attainment and sharing solutions in closing the attainment gap
  • Interpreting data insights into what leads to educational disadvantage and discussing themes from areas that have successfully addressed these challenges
  • Exploring the latest trends and outcomes in Progress and Attainment 8 data nationally, as well as schools classified as underperforming or coasting
  • Understanding how all schools can interpret and act on national performance data to inform school improvement strategies

Jon Andrews, Director for School System and Performance, Education Policy Institute (CONFIRMED)

  • Evaluating what types of data to collect and how to track data to gain an accurate whole-school analysis of learning outcomes
  • Designing a successful benchmarking model in line with schools facing similar social settings
  • Assessing how testing can be effectively used to develop an aggregated picture of performance and facilitate forecasting
  • Identifying solutions to measure teaching performance across a curriculum and cohort using robust data evaluation
  • Analysing how to ensure successful monitoring and tracking of pupils to deliver high quality and targeted interventions

Join this interactive panel session to hear from school leaders effectively using assessment data to enhance teaching provision and curriculum delivery

  • Sharing lessons in what constitutes reliable assessment data and analysing how schools can ensure validity and accuracy in data provision
  • Evaluating the purpose and use of assessment data and assessing how data can drive intervention and teaching strategies
  • Using data to support curriculum design, timetabling and class groupings within a school to maximise pupil attainment
  • Exploring how assessment can effectively be interpreted, analysed and benchmarked to recognise trends and support improvement in learning

Heather Leatt, Director of School Improvement, Kent Catholic Schools Partnership (invited)
Dr Kathryn Hobbs, Headteacher, David Nieper Academy (invited)
Lois Osborne, Principal, Ark Conway Primary Academy (invited)

Join leading local authority leaders utilising data insights to maximise impact in school improvement, attainment and the quality of teaching

  • Developing a data-driven local authority approach to school improvement to work in partnership with schools to help raise pupil attainment
  • Assessing how local authorities can develop successful partnership strategies with school to school benchmarking and data sharing to develop a system-wide picture of local educational challenges
  • Sharing insights on enhancing data analysis to support effective school place planning within a local authority
  • Analysing effective lessons and experiences from using Analyse School Performance (ASP) at a local authority level to drive data insights across schools

Sean Hayes, Head of Performance and Data - Children's Services, Hounslow Council (CONFIRMED)
Gwen Sinnott, Performance Information Manager (Research and Evaluation Unit), Schools Standards and Improvement Service, Wandsworth Borough Council (CONFIRMED)

*Please note that the final section of the day will be split into Primary and Secondary breakout streams

*programme subject to change