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Jenny Bond

- School Improvement and Development Consultant

Jenny has worked in schools for over 15 years as a Senior Leader and maths specialist. In her Senior Leadership capacity she focuses on how to use data effectively to drive school improvement. Jenny wants the data which teachers work so hard to gather to be used to improve practice and create better learning opportunities for our children without increasing teacher workload.

As Jenny has moved into school consultancy this is something she continues to do. Jenny coaches school leaders in data analysis, curriculum development and leadership development and believe it is vital to work with teachers and school communities to understand their pupils’ context and adapt school policy, curriculums and practice to ensure that all pupils can achieve their goals.

She works with a number of charities as a Research associate, writing papers which have included exploring the importance of curriculum sequencing, the impact of interventions and leadership development. Jenny is also working with Teach First designing their curriculum content for the new NPQ’s.