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Rebecca Cox

CEO Designate and Director of School Improvement - Hales Valley Trust

Rebecca is currently the Director of School Improvement at Hales Valley Trust and will be taking over as CEO in the Autumn term 2022. The Trust is currently made up of 5 primary schools with another primary school joining as part of a Trust partnership agreement. Rebecca has been part of the evolution of the Trust since its inception in 2017, the Director of Hales Valley Teaching School and the Headteacher of the lead school for 10 years. Rebecca was chair of the Black Country Teaching Schools Alliance and successfully wrote one of the 2 round 1 SSIF bids for £500,000 to improve the outcomes for over 2000 EYFS children across the 4 Black Country Authorities over a 2 year period – which was a huge success. She has worked in a range of schools in a range of roles from Advanced Skills Teacher, to Assistant Headteacher then moving onto headteacher and national Leader of Education. Rebecca is the current chair of Dudley Primary Forum which brings together academy and LA schools to work in unison for all children across the Local Authority. Rebecca continues to engage with the latest CPD and has recently completed her NPQEL qualification and is a facilitator of the new specialist NPQLBC qualification. Rebecca works closely with Olevi and a school in her Trust is the regional coaching centre of excellence. She is a Founding Fellow of the Chartered College of Teaching and enjoys engaging with the CCT in discussions and debates around a number of national and regional issues.

Rebecca is a huge believer in coaching as a way to enable a team to deliver results and develop sustainable thinking long term. She is a trained life coach and has enjoyed spreading her passion for coaching throughout her Trust and beyond so that others can benefit from the ‘Power of Coaching’. She has worked with IRIS connect to develop the use of video technology to improve the quality of teaching and used this as her masters study focus to consider the impact it has improving quality first teaching. Rebecca has spoken at regional and national level including being part of a panel discussion at the Academies show Autumn 2021.

She ran the London marathon in October 2021 – which was a huge achievement for a lifelong asthmatic. Alongside this she is a budding artist and enjoys honing her skills in a local art class and is determined to master watercolours! She enjoys the theatre and has taken on a number of roles in the local operatic society with her most favourite role being that of Barbara Castle MP in the production of ‘Made in Dagenham’. She is married to a talented professional musician and has one son and a couple of mad dogs.